Experience the Pleasure

Part 1: Feel

In a new series of blog posts we focus on different aspects of the bespoke experience and what it offers over mainstream retail. This week we talk about the unique experience of commissioning a pair of boots for yourself and how they make you feel.

Feel is achieved by a combination of factors. From your first point of contact with the Atelier to the presentation and fitting of your finished boots, our intention is to give you a unique experience and make you feel special.

The physical feel of the boots is equally wonderful. It is a combination of correct sizing and sculpting, marrying together your personal measurements with stylistic qualities along with careful attention to the selection of materials, leathers and edge treatments; warm buttery calf lined with sumptuous Italian woven silk. Each bears a relationship to the other.

Your boot heel will be high, but not too high. You are an individual, you are confident, I want you to exude this when you walk, I don’t want you to have to think about the way you move, just move naturally, feel wonderful.

The result is the most fluid, second-skin feel. Following every curve of your leg and ‘waisted’ at your ankle, you will know the enormous pleasure in the process of weaving the lengths of lace through each eyelet – you get the idea! A Feel like no other… taking time to enjoy the act of dressing; anticipating the evening ahead.
In Part 2 Caroline talks about Value and Provenance.

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