Festive season and into 2022!
I would like to wish A Happy and Safe and Healthy Festive Season to all my loyal clients and subscribers!
I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to every client who has supported my business by placing orders during the past year. Every order is so important to the continued life of my small craft business, it just could not be done without you ! I wonder if you are aware that I offer my service as a gift voucher. It is a gift that expresses luxury and promises a wonderful experience for the fortunate recipient. Tell me a little about your loved one and I will create a small piece of decorative leatherwork exclusive to them to include with the card which I will send you to present to them on the Special day.

I will return to America, for the first time since Fall 2019, to see my US clients and welcome new ones. The pandemic stalled momentum on growing my US base, but I have so many enquiries and expressions of interest from my US clients, subscribers, Instagram followers and others that I have decided to expand my Trunk show from the usual few days in New York to a number of days in L.A as well !
Over the past few months we have worked hard on creating a presentation box which will enable me to encapsulate my passion for my work and illustrate multiple ways of evolving unique designs for clients, true to the Caroline Groves aesthetic.The box includes a brochure that in many ways is my manifesto in which I talk about my passion, my inspirations and love of decorative leather-working and needlecraft techniques. There are also sample cards containing actual examples of leathers/techniques/embroidery etc etc. Along with the brochure and sample cards are 9 style booklets which illustrate multiple ways in which the 9 most iconic Caroline Groves styles could be reinterpreted for an individual client.
You can see below how we have suggested an alternative treatment of my original ‘Gypsy Rose’ boulevard heel, picking up on some of the original embroidery with subtle changes. Also we have shown how this very same style could lend itself to a wedding shoe that would be either less or more dramatic and extremely comfortable to wear!

Talking about weddings, take a look at the website for some new work, not just a sensational pair of wedding boots (Heart Murmur) but a shoe and slippers too! This is definitely a theme we will be developing in 2022…