Donum Amoris – the Gift of Love that became an award-winning boot.
On the occasion of their third wedding anniversary (traditionally signified with leather), actor Rupert Friend commissioned a pair of leather boots for his wife, the incomparable Aimée Mullins, model, actress and athlete.

The design of the boots began with Aimée suggesting subject matter that was important to her, including thistles, flora and fauna. She sent a pair of her prosthetic legs on which Caroline based the design and pattern of the over-the-knee boots.

When Aimée came to the UK to host a Sarabande Foundation event (Alexander McQueen’s art and design foundation, of which she is a trustee), she and Rupert took the opportunity to visit the Caroline Groves Atelier.

Once the boots were made and fitted to the prosthetics, the intricate and labour-intensive design was inked and painted directly onto them.

“It was wonderful to spend some time with them here. They were very enthusiastic about the process and we agreed a bold, yet wearable design with a very stable heel so that Aimée could give the boots regular wear.”


“I was given the gift of a pair of bespoke Caroline Groves boots, and the experience of working with her, together with the incredible finished product, has been nothing short of magical. As one of the last remaining artisans in her field, drawing upon her family’s generational experience as master craftsmen, visiting her in her studio to discuss design was a door into another world – a world where bespoke ideas are cut, stitched and carved into being by hand.The boots she made for me for my wedding anniversary are one-of-a-kind, and should probably be in a museum if I weren’t going to wear them as often as possible! My husband and I have since gifted the Caroline Groves experience to several dear friends with impeccable taste – testimony to Caroline’s passion and consummate skill.”


Donum Amoris was awarded Gold and Silver in the 2020 Global Footwear Awards, in the categories of Women’s Dress / Thigh High Boots and Medical / Orthopaedic respectively.

The gift that keeps on giving…