Caroline Groves

” Many complimentary words have been written and said about my work over the years, however I don’t think any words or photos can really convey the nature of my work. In the same way that people talk about the fabulous quality, weight and feel of fabrics when they have it in their hands, I have had people say that to hold one of my boots in their hands or to hold it to their chest is like hugging a little pet! The smell of the veg tanned leather, the silk linings, the attention to detail, the lack of any man-made reinforcements, the hand welting and the absence of toxic glues give each shoe real soul. The ‘building’ of my footwear really is more akin to the construction of a musical instrument or a fine piece of furniture, it is not an assembly process. I wish to retain that ‘soul’ that I always talk about. Nothing feeds it as much as the feeling I get when a client tries on, for the first time, something I have created just for her. “


All our shoes and boots have upper leathers sourced from the world’s finest tanneries. Leather for insoles, soles, welting and stiffening from the last specialist oak bark tannery in the UK. Our shoelaces are made for us in France.


Our upper leathers are sourced from Italy in the main. We work with suppliers who have the quality and traceability certificate from the ICEC (Istituto di certificazione per l’area della pelle – Institute Certification for leather), the highest accreditation in the world for this sector. Each piece is hand-selected to our specifications to ensure the highest quality, and the production process is optimised to reduce energy and water consumption.

Caroline Groves advocates safe and inspirational surroundings for our artisans. Our bespoke and small artisanal limited-edition production process means we avoid any issues of over-production, making timeless pieces that will be cherished for many years to come.